Our Story

New beginnings

The Nice Aprons story begins with me, Paul Holstein – creator of Nice Aprons.

I love food and making food. I actually love a lot of things to do with making craft, though my story starts with food. I also know how to make a mess. A lot of mess. I own a black belt in using every pot / dish / plate / utensil / saucer and getting flour into impossible locations – so I learned very quickly that an apron was an essential component to my cooking adventures.

Over the years, I developed quite an impressive Apron collection.  My apron was my armor, though with every apron there was always one thing that wasn't quite right. Some had kangaroo pouches that seemed to catch more food than I cared for, or the neck didn’t adjust, or it just didn’t fit well. Hardest of all was to find an apron that looked good! Something a guy (or girl) could wear and not feel like they are wearing their Grandma’s curtains.

I wanted bright, fun, crispy, well made aprons.

So in 2013, I set out to create the perfect apron – an apron that I would want to wear.

But my mission was also to make an Apron that a person making dinner on their first date would feel confident in. An apron that was nice enough to be worn by a restaurant waiter, and just something that made you feel happy – That’s where Nice Aprons began.

Nice aprons are about trying, encouraging others to give it a go, saying it’s okay to fail and make a mess, and also about success. When food looks like it does in the recipe book! even better when it tastes so good you close your eyes and say ‘wow’.

I cannot imagine there are too many people that get carried away talking about aprons like I can, though I am hoping to change the world a little in this respect.


Nice Aprons was created to help bring people together and get creative. We believe that when you slip into one of our aprons, you’ll be inspired to make things that enrich your life and that of those around you. Whether you’re a masterchef, a barista, or an award-winning florist, our aprons are designed to help you make the perfect mess. In style, of course.

Form and function

Our aprons are crafted from a protective yet lightweight cotton. They’ll keep your clothes safe from food and coffee splatters, keep you dry, and keep you creating.

These one-of-a-kind aprons are as much about quality as they are about style. Each apron is screen-printed by real human hands, with extra attention paid to comfort and practicality. They’re made to withstand a busy day in the kitchen or café, all while introducing a new way to liven up standard kitchenware.

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