Nice Aprons began as a love story

Hello there! My name is Paul, and I'd to share with you the story of how the Nice Aprons adventure began, sparked by a lovely girl named Sara.

In my life, food is a powerful force that unites us. My mum makes food like no-other, my dad a chef and my brothers, Marcus and Shaun, are a chef and baker, respectively. Food is the love language that connects us, heals us, and brings joy to our lives. It provides a true sense of togetherness.

When I first started dating Sara, My now-wife who'll you see throughout the site and instagram – she is the one pictured above dancing, I wanted to share my love of food with her. I thought a really neat gift would be an apron. However, finding the ideal apron proved to be quite the challenge – either the fit was off, or they resembled an old couch or curtain fabric.. with frills. That's where the idea of Nice Aprons born: If I couldn't find the perfect apron, I'd create it myself.

But this journey evolved into much more than just aprons.

As I designed these aprons, I discovered they representing truly special. Sure, they're fun, vibrant, and look fantastic, but I came to realise the true magic happens when you put one on – that's when your world changes.

Wearing an apron signifies that you're ready to create something meaningful, whether it's cooking, baking, or experimenting in any other way.

So often, we let self-doubt or the fear of failure hold us back from starting something new. We convince ourselves we're "no good" or "don't know how," and those small thoughts prevent us from taking the first step.

That's why I love the saying, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now". An apron invites you to try and if things get messy, it's there to catch the fallout.

In my life, the most precious memories have always centred around handmade experiences. I've never baked a chocolate cake for someone I didn't care for. So when you put on one of our aprons, I hope you'll think about love—love of learning, love for the process, love for yourself, and love for those you create for.


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